50 years of history

The Samarkand porcelain factory was built in 1970, and in 2012 under the leadership of the Asl Nafis company underwent reconstruction and major modernization with the assistance of specialists from China and France. The company produces a wide range of porcelain tableware in 39 different names.

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satisfied customers


million products are produced annually


professional employees


We offer optimized conditions — you save money and time.

We deliver to any place in the world.

We take into account the wishes of our customers, choosing the best way of transportation.

We minimize the percentage of combat due to the high strength of our porcelain.

million products were successfully delivered to their customers and are actively used to this day.

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Our team

Specialists who are ready to accomplish any exclusive order

Continuous development and internships with the participation of specialists from France and China

Qualified employees with 45 years of experience

A large family united by a common goal


Management Quality Certificate

Certificate of conformity

Sanitary and epidemiological conclusion

Certificate of whiteness

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