The first porcelain tableware was completely made by hand, but modern technologies allow us to speed up the production process, which consists of 8 stages:

Процесс производства


Manufacturing of raw materials

Porcelain, molding and casting masses are made.


Slurry production and purification

A suspension is produced, which is then cleaned by a sieve and magnetic method.


Product processing on vacuum presses

The products are processed on vacuum presses, after which they are kept for several days.


Transfer of mass to the molding shop

The manufactured mass is laid out on the tables and transferred to the molding shop.


Complete technological control chain

The prepared raw materials undergo a complete technological chain of control.


Firing and sorting of products

After drying, the products are fired at a temperature of 1320-1350 degrees Celsius, and then the entire product is sorted into groups and labeled.


Paint application

With the help of airbrushes or stamps, a pattern is applied, and the dishes are decorated with patterns and layering.


Fixing paints

The resulting ornament is fixed in a muffle furnace at a temperature of 780-800 degrees Celsius.


The production of porcelain is a laborious process, in which the masters lay their soul. Our professionals make this process faster by producing the highest quality dishes.