The history of one of the largest porcelain factories in Uzbekistan. For 10 years the plant has been under the management of the company "Asl Nafis", but before that it had a long rich history.


A factory is being launched and about 3,500 specialists are working on the production of the first porcelain products in Samarkand.


The plant comes under the management of the company "Asl Nafis" and under its leadership is being reconstructed and modernized.


From China and France, high-tech scrap, poured, tunnel furnaces, as well as molding, paint equipment and machine tools are delivered.


Specialists from France and China help in the launch of the enterprise, installation and adjustment of equipment.


Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the company continues to operate in compliance with the requirements of the SES, provides work for people and supplies dishes.


Additional equipment for vacuum coating of titanium nitride is being delivered, which helps to increase the number of dishes with titanium lining by 2 times.